Alexis and Ryan’s Glamorous Roman Elopement and Intimate Villa Wedding

Dear future Brides,

Today, I want to share a very special love story with you, that of Alexis and Ryan, who decided to celebrate their wedding in Rome with the help of a passionate and competent Italian wedding planner: me, Sara Tusset.

The magic of this couple began during their college years at Angelo State University. After college, Alexis and Ryan reconnected, and after getting to know each other for a few months, they started dating in 2019. Their story took a romantic and unforgettable turn in July 2022, when Ryan proposed to Alexis during a party organized under the guise of celebrating Alexis’ mother’s birthday. Surrounded by the most important people in their lives, Ryan made the most romantic proposal ever.

From that moment, Alexis and Ryan began planning their dream wedding in Italy.

They chose a truly meaningful date: April 17th, the same date as Alexis’ grandparents’ wedding, who celebrated 78 years of marriage. This personal touch added an extra layer of emotion and significance to their special day.

The first part of their romantic journey in Rome began with an elopement in the city center. The enchanting atmosphere of Rome, with its picturesque alleys, historic monuments, and timeless charm, created the perfect backdrop for their dream photos. Imagine Alexis in a flowing white gown, and Ryan in an elegant tuxedo, strolling through cobblestone streets, with the Colosseum and the Roman Forum silently witnessing their promise of love.

After this intimate and special moment, the couple continued with an intimate wedding in a private villa on the Appian Way. This historic and charming location, surrounded by cypress and maritime pine trees, offered an exclusive and romantic setting for celebrating their union. Every detail was meticulously curated: from organization to décor, to the floral arrangements, everything was designed to create a cool and glamorous atmosphere, just as Alexis and Ryan desired.

The importance of having a competent Italian wedding planner by your side proved to be crucial at every stage of the planning process.

Thanks to my experience and knowledge of the area, I was able to turn every wish of Alexis and Ryan into reality, ensuring that every aspect of their wedding was perfect. From coordinating vendors to selecting flowers, from setting up the location to arranging catering, every element was managed with care and professionalism.

The beauty of a wedding in Rome lies not only in its history and charm but also in the opportunity to experience something unique and personalized. The Eternal City offers endless opportunities to create unforgettable moments, and with the right support, every couple can live their dream. Alexis and Ryan took full advantage of this possibility, creating a wedding that combined tradition and modernity, intimacy and glamour, in a perfect mix of emotions and style.

Dear future brides, remember that your special day deserves to be perfect in every aspect. Trust a wedding planner who understands your desires and turns them into reality, just as I did for Alexis and Ryan. Rome awaits you with all its charm and beauty, ready to be the backdrop to your everlasting love.

With love,

Sara Tusset Wedding


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