a love to Remember: Three Days of Unforgettable Celebrations a love

Dear Future Brides,

Let yourself be inspired by what an intimate wedding in Italy can be according to the vision of Sara Tusset Wed.

In a hidden corner of the Mediterranean coast, where turquoise sea meets soft white sand, friends and family gather for an unforgettable pre-wedding lunch.

On a bright and serene morning, guests, greeted by the warm smiles of the couple, are immediately captivated by the magic of the location. Around noon, wooden tables adorned with white linens and wildflowers are set up under large umbrellas on the beach.

The scent of the sea blends with that of local dishes: fresh seasonal salads, freshly caught seafood, and refreshing drinks. Guests and the couple enjoy the tranquility and each other’s company.

The wedding day arrived with a blue sky and a gentle sea breeze. Guests and the couple gathered in a nearby pine grove, where a long, elegant, and welcoming table was set up under the trees. The natural shade of the pines and the scent of the sea created a cool and relaxing environment. The lunch was a celebration of local cuisine, with traditional dishes reimagined in a modern way and fine regional wines. The couple, radiant with happiness, toasted with their loved ones while heartfelt speeches and laughter filled the air.

A villa with its panoramic sea view was ready to host a dinner under the moonlight. As the sky filled with stars, the evening continued with delicious dishes and live music, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Guests, enthralled by the beauty of the place and the quality of the food, toasted the couple and danced under the stars, with the lights of boats reflecting on the waves.

The following day, a smaller group of guests enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation. After a hearty breakfast, they moved to the villa’s infinity pool, where they could relax on comfortable loungers, sipping fresh cocktails and savoring every moment under the Mediterranean sun.

In the afternoon, a private boat took them on an exclusive tour along the coast, exploring hidden coves, sea caves, and pristine beaches. Some dove into the crystal-clear waters, while others enjoyed the view from the boat’s deck, chatting and toasting.

These three days of celebrations were not just an excuse to celebrate the union of two people but also an opportunity to strengthen bonds between friends and family. The pre-wedding beach lunch, the wedding lunch in the pine grove, and the dinner on the cliff created unforgettable moments. The couple, as they look back on the photos and videos of those days, will forever remember the beauty of the places but also the love and joy shared with the most important people in their lives, thus beginning their new adventure together.

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