A Fairy Tale Love in Rome: The Magical Wedding of Alessia and Alessio!

Dear future Brides,

Alessia and Alessio embarked on a unique journey. They met at university, became friends, and then… their bond blossomed. For Alessio, the discovery of their connection was immediate, almost instinctive. He saw something unique, something special in Alessia that fueled his belief in the destiny of their hearts. But for Alessia, the path was more winding, filled with reflections and moments of clarity that unfolded slowly over time. She had to delve deep within herself, explore the depths of her feelings to understand that he was more than just a friend, that his presence had become indispensable. Today, as we look at them together, after working alongside them for a year to plan and create their wedding, it’s clear how strong the bond that unites them truly is. They are different, yes, but it’s precisely this diversity that makes their relationship so rich and profound. They complement each other, support each other in their passions and dreams, granting each other the freedom that only true love can give.

Among the ancient cobblestone streets of Rome, where the past intertwines with the present in a timeless tapestry, lies a place that encapsulates the beauty and solemnity of centuries of history: the Basilica of Santa Sabina on the Aventino.

Located outside the city walls, this ancient church stands majestically as a silent witness to countless human stories.

Its mighty columns rise towards the sky like guardians of eternity, while its ancient doors welcome visitors with an invitation to silence and contemplation.

For Alessia and Alessio, the choice of this basilica was natural, almost predestined. Drawing inspiration from the lightness and purity of the air, I designed the basilica’s setup.

The sacredness of the church was respected, following its lines and accentuating the contrasts. Plexiglass columns became supports for candles and delicate amaranth, while lilies, symbols of the Virgin Mary’s purity, were delicately placed among them.

Alessia’s dress, a triumph of elegance by Pronovias, paid homage to the lilies, while the seats for the guests, also in plexiglass, contributed to maintaining the continuity of the symbolism of the air. So, as the couple exchanged their vows under the millennia-old vaults of Santa Sabina, surrounded by the magnificence of the place and the affection of their loved ones, everything seemed harmoniously intertwined, as if destiny itself had orchestrated this unique moment in the heart of Rome.

Their wedding found further shades of beauty and originality in the charming venue of “Oltre il Giardino,” a loft nestled among the ancient paths of the Appia Antica, one of Rome’s historical gems. Although unusual for a wedding ceremony, this location added a touch of uniqueness to their special day, with its loft surrounded by a lush garden.While for the church, we drew inspiration from the purity of the air, for the reception, we wanted to showcase the couple’s sparkling and glamorous personalities. The color palette was shaped by the bride’s vibrant lipstick, Nars Powematte Lip Warm, creating a chromatic framework that reflected their contagious energy. Each guest was invited to participate in the wedding theme by wearing a plexiglass pin in their chosen color, a fun and engaging way to unite everyone in the celebration.

Even the floral arrangements were meticulously crafted to ensure a harmonious balance and an explosion of style. A fresh and modern setup was achieved using gilded iron triptychs, creating an elegant and contemporary atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple’s energy and charm. Nothing was left to chance: it was a wedding meticulously planned for an entire year.

Every single detail, from the stationery to the choice of entertainment, contributed to the extraordinary success of the event. In the afternoon, the Tea Bar delighted guests with freshly made Maritozzi, while a cheerful Gin Open Bar added a touch of vivacity to the party.

The dances, the colors, and that touch of glamour that the couple sought made the atmosphere unforgettable.

This wedding was the perfect expression of the care and attention given to every aspect of their special day. It’s the result of a synergistic collaboration between the couple and all the professionals involved, who worked together to create an event that shone with its own light. That’s why I always suggest to my brides to follow their hearts in their choices and to rely on an experienced professional who can merge the organizational part with the design aspect.

With warmth and excitement,

Sara Tusset Wedding

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