Bridal Bouquet: Your Unique Piece Crafted with Italian Elegance

Dear future brides, glamorous and sophisticated,

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bouquet that reflects your unique personality and impeccable style, you’ve come to the right place. I’m Sara, the creative mind behind Sara Tusset Wedding, and I’m here to turn your dream of a bridal bouquet into an
extraordinary reality, with a touch of Italian elegance.

Picture this: you’re standing in front of your wedding dress, a masterpiece of elegance and refinement, and I’m there to capture every detail, every nuance of your distinctive style.

With my passion for floral design and a deep understanding of the beauty of your features
and personality, I create bouquets that are true works of art and glamour.

The secret to my unique approach? I start with a photo of your wedding dress, studying every fold, every detail, to create a bouquet that perfectly harmonizes with your look. But I don’t stop there. I also observe your face, capturing the expression in your eyes, the grace of your features, to create a bouquet that illuminates you and makes you feel even more beautiful on your special day.

That’s why you should choose me as your bridal bouquet designer: because I offer you not only my expertise and creativity, but also a unique piece of floral art that will be your signature on your wedding day. 

My bouquets are modern, stylish, cool – just like you.

Every flower, every leaf, is carefully selected and expertly arranged to create a masterpiece that captures the essence of your personality and the style of your wedding.

So, if you dream of a bouquet that makes you feel like the queen you are, look no further.
With Sara Tusset Wedding, your bridal bouquet will be much more than just an accessory: it will be a symbol of your love, your beauty, and your uniqueness.

Contact me today and let’s create together the bouquet of your dreams, a work of art that will accompany you forever in your most precious memories.

With love and creativity,


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