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Hi! I’m Kate,  We are coming to Rome with John in October. We’d like to have an elopement wedding in Rome. We want to visit this magic City! We’d like to talk about details with you. Waiting for your response.  Best regards Kate

This time it wasn’t just “let’s grab some coffee”, but it all started from an email!


What’s the best way to live a Roman experience? Above all, which Rome to represent? I always take some time to think and choose the best to offer. My muse was the one and only icon of elegance and style Audrey Hepburn in the film “Roman holiday”

I’ve seen a lot of cities these days… but my favourite is definitely Rome! From the film” Roman holiday”

Babington – Rome


That’s how a truly Roman Elopment begins
Protagonists: Kate e John
Set: Rome Aaaaaaction!  

It wasn’t easy at all to bring back the romance and the elegance of Rome from black and white films. I believe when a historical and cultural period is over it’s hard to reproduce it again. We can only take a small fragment of its greatness and try to make the best of it.

Fontana di Trevi – Rome


The dress was made to bring Kate back in time, exclusively “short” with a bit of modernity and hooded veil! The elegance composed of my favourite films! Pure emotion in seeing it worn is; a modern yet vintage bride, perfection made in Italy!

via Margutta – Rome


The fundamental part in an Elopement wedding are the details, the memories the couple will keep forever. Two wedding booklets, exclusively handmade production, from paper to handwriting will keep their promises. Pages full of love are tied together with a silk ribbon.

And of course, I couldn’t miss the Bouquet. See this It’s all about ….The Bouquet! If you know me well enough you remember how much this “accessory” means to me. It was supposed to be retro revived with the colours of present-day Rome.


La Dolce Vita, the golden age of Rome couldn’t but start with an event. The private feast took place in the restaurant Rugantino di Trastevere November 5, 1958 on the 24th birthday of the Countess Olghina of Robilant. During the celebration, the ballet dancer  Aichè Nana improvised a striptease, unthinkable at the end of the 1950s. The show was filmed by some photographers who crashed the party. Of course, the photos were published in a newspaper l’Espresso and this caused a huge scandal.

via del Babuino – Rome


Scandal photographers are the icons of the coolest period of splendid Rome. Shots, chases, smiles, hands, stolen kisses, beauty, lights, money. This is the Rome of the newspapers. Thanks to the famous film by Fellini “La dolce vita” the word “paparazzi” was born from the nickname of one of the photographers in the film.


Rome was not only scandals and flashes, but there was a considerable cultural ferment: intellectuals such as Alberto Moravia, Umberto Eco, Pier Paolo Pasolini and many others discussed at the tables in the bars in Piazza del Popolo. The intellectual environment didn’t leave out social life. In places like Piper the two worlds got mixed and came together.

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