Elopement Wedding? Yes, I do!


I have written many articles in the past. Articles about weddings, events, women, and society. A wide range of topics all of which I am fond of. Alas, none of them seemed fit to introduce myself and to make the first step into the world of #weddingblog.


Those who know me well are well aware of my creative talent when it comes to new ideas. Therefore, I’d like to introduce myself to the World through my work. What better place to start then the elopement wedding?
To elope means to run away without looking back, to be free of repercussions.


Even if you are committed to the idea of elopement, it is important to set a goal and make a detailed plan.
The goal here is to embrace the freedom of being united forever. I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do. All I needed was the perfect place and then I could finally get started.


Love, freedom, the sea. All perfect ingredients for an unforgettable love story.
I started bouncing some ideas around to see where they lead.
Palettes, flowers, dresses.Well, it’s like making a dessert, where you need a perfect combination of ingredients to get your special sweet.


To make real the sensations I had, I needed a skilled professional.
‘Hi,Daniele! Am I disturbing you? I’d like to talk to you about a project’.
This is how it started with that first phone call and a cup of coffee.
(I’m going to write about the philosophy of ‘Let’s grab a coffee”, I’ll keep it in mind)


Finally, “Ciak turns around” turned into a proper idea, it had all the necessary ingredients to come to life.
We planned, organized, and chose the best team to give life to this idea.
A strong team came out of it, the guys who needed adventure, freedom, light and why not, a bit of romance.


So, the 17th of May, after two months of planning, we shared the locations with each other and set off. We’d expected the sun, the heat and calm sea but it didn’t really work that way. Strong cold winds and the soft sun were our companions for this journey.


While Christian and Alessia were doing hair and make-up of Silvia and Francesco on the side of the road(yes, you read that right), me, Deborah, Daniele and Alessandra were trying to find some  interesting spots. The beach is as unsteady as the desert, but no problems, we all like the wild.


Freedom smells of bare feet and an upturned nose.
From now on, the photos will speak.
Ready, set, action… #BarefootWedding.

Project and Planner @sara_tusset
Photography @danieleraffaelli.ph 
Support Photography @alessandragiudicefotografie 
Flower stylist @sara_tusset @deborah_ferri 
Stationary @calligraphyatelier 
Dress @silviamorettaweblab
Cake design @irenecakedesign
Jewellery @theauramuse
Make up artist @alessiacavalierimua 
Hair stylist @Christian_vigliotta 
Model @silviamartinetti
Model @francescomarinelli 

Keep an eye on @Sara_tusset

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